TRANSCAT are the original clear pet door manufacturers, and offer both Cat and Small/Medium Dog size Pet Doors. They are very well suited to sliding door situations, as the TRANSCAT Pet Door frames are very flush to the glass, and do not hinder the operation of sliding glass door systems

TRANSCAT Cat & Dog Doors have been manufactured in New Zealand since the early 1980’s, and AUSTRALIA PET DOORS are proud to supply this Pet Door range. TRANSCAT produce a range of Cat Flaps and Dog Doors that allow your Pets access to and from your home at your discretion.  TRANSCAT has been a registered brand for many years and TRANSCAT Cat & Dog Doors have been used by family pets throughout Australasia.

TRANSCAT constantly look to innovate and improve their products.  The latest innovation is a new look locking device on the TRANSCAT Cat Door. TRANSCAT doors have four way locking mechanisms to give you full control of your Pet.  Magnetic catches are also incorporated to restrict the flaps from flapping unnecessarily.  All doors are manufactured tough to ensure they withstand rigorous use.

In addition the TRANSCAT Cat Door can be upgraded using the TRANSCAT electro-magnetic adaptor set, to allow only your pet to enter while leaving unwanted strays outside. The ability to upgrade either at the time of purchase of the cat door or later, as required, is a positive feature. TRANSCAT Cat & Dog Doors are reliable and many are still in use after 20 years or more