Queenslanders love their Pets, and Brisbane is no exception. The city of Brisbane has grown exponentially over the past decade, and we are pleased to have been part of that growth supplying and installing Cat Flaps and Dog Doors to happy customers from those in high-rise inner city apartments, to those in suburbs stretching up to 50 kilometres or more out of the city centre.

Brisbane is a highly varied city, with suburbs on the coast, some straddling the Brisbane River, while others are well inland and surrounded by native bush. Suburbs vary from well established suburbs developed over a century ago, to new ones being established every year. Despite this huge variation in environment, there are inevitably always local residents taking their dogs on walks to the numerous parks and tracks throughout this spread out city.

Australia Pet Doors are pleased to have contributed to the lifestyle of Brisbane’s Pet owners, by ensuring that these Pets can have a Cat Flap or Dog Door supplied and installed within the shortest turnaround time possible. A high quality Pet Door enables your Cat or Dog to exit and enter as needed, and avoids preventable accidents, when one’s Pet is not able to exit the house. Additionally, these Cat Doors and Dog Doors all have entry control options, where the Cat or Dog can be restricted to either being inside or outside, while others offer a 4 way entry control system of in-only, out-only, enter / exit, or totally locked. Most of the medium size and larger Dog Doors have total cover closing/locking plates for added security.