Staywell/Pet Safe

STAYWELL / PETSAFE are a worldwide Pet Door brand, and we are proud to supply their Premium Aluminium range of Pet Doors, which are very resilient, also offer flexible flaps for ease of use, and locking plates for extra security. These doors are well suited to both timber and wall installations, but can also be installed into pre-cut toughened safety glass, and even security screens.

Pets love to have the freedom to come and go. And their owners love the benefits of that freedom. When you install a STAYWELL / PETSAFE Pet Door, you’ll finally have the flexibility to opt out of getting up early, in the middle of the night, or during dinner to let the dog outside.

Allowing your pet to come and go at will through their Cat Flap or Dog Door builds confidence. Unwanted behavior problems such as destructive chewing, furniture clawing and excessive barking can often remedy themselves when your pet is no longer dependent upon you to let him/her out. The STAYWELL / PETSAFE Pet Doors can accommodate the smallest cat to the largest dog. The Premium range of STAYWELL / PETSAFE Pet Doors stocked by AUSTRALIA PET DOORS are often selected by architects and builders due to the aesthetic and unobtrusive look of these Cat Flaps and Dog Doors.