PETMATE are one of the world’s most established Pet Door brands, with both CATMATE and DOGMATE Doors a part of many pet owners lives throughout the world. Developed in the UK, CATMATE and DOGMATE Doors are well suited to all Cats, as well as Small, Medium and Large Dogs. These Pet Doors have been thoroughly developed for installations into timber doors, all types of walls, as well as glass panels.

PETMATE, established in 1986, is a leading manufacturer of innovative Cat Flaps and Dog Doors. Their Pet doors are split into two brands: CAT MATE and DOG MATE. Through a network of distributors Pet Mate sell their Pet Doors to over 40 countries worldwide, including Australia.

PETMATE Pet Door brand quality starts with the best design based on thorough Research and Development. This is combined with use of the best materials, careful UK controlled manufacture, and stringent checks in accordance with leading quality systems, exemplifying technical design and engineering at its best. AUSTRALIA PET DOORS are pleased to be able to supply these Pet Doors to you.