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Following the successful launch of our Cat and Dog Door sales and installation business across Brisbane and the Gold Coast in 2003, we began to receive requests from Pet owners across Australia seeking access to the high quality and comprehensive range of Pet Doors that we supply and install locally. As a result we decided to launch an online service whereby our Cat Flaps and Dog Doors could be purchased via our website.

Although we only offer product supply outside Brisbane and Gold Coast, we can always be contacted as to which company/individual would be best to install a specific Cat or Dog Door in your local area. In addition, we also supply the relevant installation instructions and, if required, installation specific parts, with our orders at no additional charge. For example, a specific pet door may require shorter bolts for a glass installation, and by supplying these to you, will save you significant time finding the correct length bolts at a local store. In addition, our glass cutting instructions will allow your local glazier to far more easily arrange the glass hole cutout, and hence will save you both time and money.

Australia Pet Doors also hold stock of additional Cat and Dog Doors not listed on our website. If you have a specific need for a Cat Flap or Dog Door needed to fit a specific size hole cutout (in a French Door panel, for example), we will do the necessary calculations for you, to see if we can supply an easier to install Pet Door, that may not require parts of the timber door cut out, that you are not wanting to cut for any number of reasons.

Please feel free to call us on 0437-644-330, or drop us an email on with any Cat Flap or Dog Door queries, and we will aim to get back to you with a definitive reply within 24 hours.