How to Stop Your Dog Whining in Front of Your Door

sad pictures of dogs waiting for their owners

Dogs know just how to get our attention when they need to. Some dogs will bark or paw at you while others will whine until you acknowledge them. Whining always gets a reaction from pet owners because it’s quite noisy. But, giving attention to your dog after he whines only reinforces bad behavior.

Does your dog constantly whine at the door? He’s likely telling you that he wants to go outside to play or to potty. Here’s how you can eliminate your dog’s door whining, including having a sliding door pet door installed.

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Train Your Dog

One of the best ways to curb your dog’s door whining habit is to ignore your pet when he whines. If you give your dog attention after he whines, he realizes that this behavior gets him exactly what he wants.

When your dog is whining, avoid talking to or even making eye contact with your dog. Turn your back and pretend as if you don’t hear him. However, be aware that your dog may initially whine even louder at first, but he will quiet down eventually!

If your dog is whining to go outdoors, you may want to teach him another way to alert you versus whining. Try using a bell that’s located near the door as a quieter way for your dog to communicate with you.

Install a Pet Door

Most dogs whine at the door because they want to go outside. Some want to enjoy some fresh air and run around while others whine to use the bathroom. Instead of making your dog wait for you to let him out, have a pet door installed so that he can freely roam inside and out.

With a pet door insert, your dog won’t have to whine to get your attention because he can simply go through the flaps and be outside! Be aware that most dogs require a little training to understand how to use a patio pet door.

For example, when teaching your dog to use the electronic dog door for sliding glass door, you will want to use treats to show him that it’s safe to go through the door. Tasty treats, positive reinforcement, and a lot of practice will teach your dog how to feel comfortable using the pet door.

Hire a Pet Sitter

If your dog whines when you’re at home, chances are he also whines when you’re away. To prevent excessive noise and stress on your dog, consider hiring a pet sitter to let your dog outside during the day. This way, your furry companion is able to use the bathroom and then spend a few minutes outside running around and burning some energy.

Glass Panel with Large Dog Door and Small Dog Door

Do let your pet sitter know if your dog has a habit of door whining. This way, they can also help you to break the habit.

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