Can Cats and Dogs Get Along?

In the movie Ghostbusters, Dr. Peter Venkman said, “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together … mass hysteria!” People often use the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs.” Our culture seems to peg the two as polar opposites, destined to be adversaries.

However, it is possible for the two to get along. The idea of dogs living with cats isn’t so far-fetched, especially if they’re introduced in their youth. Puppies are far less aggressive than adult canines, in most cases, and keener on learning a cat’s boundaries. A feline is then less likely to go scurrying through the cat doors; also, a kitten is less likely to have had bad dog experiences. In fact, animals often forge a bond as they grow together.

Cats and Dogs Get Along

Other factors in acclimating dogs and cats include:


Upon adoption, inquire whether the dog has safely been around cats. Socialized felines are more likely to get along. If they’ve been traumatized by a dog before, they won’t likely enjoy sharing a home with one.


The personality and temperament of the individual pet affect their relationship with other animals. An aggressive dog or a shy cat make acclimation difficult. A breed more prone to chasing, such as a terrier or sight hound, will make the cat flee. So, it’s true; some breeds work better than others.


cats and dogs living together

In the beginning, it might be awkward for both pets. Prepare your home for the meeting. Given the territorial nature of felines, provide a safe place, such as a shelf, perch, or cat tree. You could begin by separating them. A baby gate will do, and pet doors can give them an easy escape route.

Proper Introduction

Both should be restrained or placed in separate crates or rooms at first. They should be able to see one another and start by creating positive associations. Don’t punish them for not getting along. Instead, offer rewards for good behavior, using treats, pet toys, and loving attention.

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